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I deliver world-class Copywriting, UI/UX Design, No-code Development, Funding

Creating value starts with the mindset

Life is like sports. You can’t always play the same game and win.


Analyze the market, product, competitor, and market fit. Learn proactively and ask the key questions.



Design Thinking

Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Iterate and become a systemic child.

Create the Product

Objectives & Deadlines

Use the productivity tools, excellent communication and feedback cycle. Create a human-centric product that's inspiring

I am a regular writer for The Startup, the biggest publication on Medium with over 750,000 followers.

T o p  W r i t e r

Business | Innovation

C o m p a n i e s

Creating compelling marketing copies for a wide range of companies that stand out from the competition.

Building the story of companies while focusing on providing the best connection with the target audience bearing SEO and conversions in mind.

What I read & write these days

Tesla vs. WeWork.

A Decade of Leadership Difference

Demystifying Sustainability. Recreating Human Nature

What I Love to Do


Every word matters to genuinely connect with your audience


Great design is not only great business. It's the universal language understood and loved intuitively.

D e s i g n

is a broad story told

in a few seconds

I  L o v e  t o  D e s i g n  I n

web & mobile experiences

U I / U X  D e s i g n

Digital design creates

global transformation 

as a universal connection.


No-Code Development

Aka Visual Development has created a quiet revolution in the last 5 years with the utmost flexibility and capability for all sizes of businesses.

Fully Capable

The new genius of no-code visual development. Advanced platform for any complexity.

Innovative software to turn Figma designs into complete mobile apps.


I am the co-founder and head of design of the creative development agency, AwayNear and I have a top talent team for no-code development that rocks!

3 x Faster

3 x Cost-Effective

no-code platforms

I Love to Use

The most powerful visual development platform with over 700k business users

the quiet revolution


Introduce your product to a massive audience and do viral marketing while raising funds to get your company up and running.

The Brilliant Move for Early Stage Companies

R e w a r d  C r o w d f u n d i n g